DPLL Summer Session

The Summer Session is 5-weeks of baseball and softball, beginning on Monday, June 1st and finishing on Saturday, July 4th.

The first 3 weeks of the session are practice-only formats. Each team will have its own specified practice days (one weekday practice and one weekend practice) and each practice is one hour. There will be 30-minute windows in between each practice to ensure we’re minimizing contact at the fields.

The last two weeks are shortened games with modified rules. You’ll see unique social distancing methods such as utilizing the bleachers for dugouts, umpires calling balls and strikes from behind the pitcher’s mound, a scoring maximum of 3 runs per inning, and a lot of other entertaining ideas to really speed up the games. It’s all designed for a fun, yet competitive environment for our children and families.

There is no additional cost for the Summer Session and it’s only available to our DPLL families previously registered this past spring for softball or baseball. (As previously communicated, this Summer Session would not be available to our Tiny Tots and Tee Ball divisions, as those age groups have been suspended until our fall season.)


Who is eligible to participate in DPLL’s Summer Session and is there a cost associated?

DPLL’s Summer Session is only available to those families previously registered for our Spring 2020 season. There is no additional cost. (Please note that unfortunately, this Summer Session will NOT be offered to our Tiny Tots and Tee Ball families – we hope to see YOU this fall!)

Can any outside families participate in our Summer Session?

Unfortunately, on the baseball side, DPLL’s Summer Session is only available to those families registered for our Spring 2020 program. However, we are making an exception for softball, simply because we do not currently have enough teams to play one another within our league. Therefore, if any girls previously registered in a local Little League would like to play, they are welcome. Interested families would need to email Brian Wimberly at [email protected].

Will the teams be re-drafted?

No. The teams will remain the exact same throughout each division. The rosters will be the same, as will the managers and coaches. However, depending on the participation from each team, we may look at combining some teams. 

Will the divisions change?

No. If you played for the Majors Yankees in the spring, your division and team will still be the exact same.

Is this a continuation of Spring 2020?

Technically, no. Our spring season has been canceled. Little League International has cancelled the LL World Series. All-Stars and Top Team tournaments have been canceled. This is simply a carry-over from spring that allows our participants and families to return to the ball fields in a relaxed, yet organized manner.

If our family wishes to participate in DPLL’s Summer Session, will we need to sign a waiver?

Yes. Each family will need to sign a liability waiver and, in fact, will not be able to participate until the waiver has been completed and submitted. A link to the online liability waiver can be found here.

Is the Summer Session mandatory?

No. The Summer Session is only for families and players who feel comfortable returning to Dr. Phillips Little League.

Will we need to wear masks?

Masks are strongly recommended, but not mandatory. However, maintaining a social distance of six feet at all times is mandatory. Managers, coaches, volunteers, players, and spectators will be required to maintain social distancing during their time at the DPLL complex. Obviously, when we start playing our shortened games in weeks 4 and 5, the sports of baseball and softball will naturally create times when it’s impossible for kids to maintain social distancing. Whether it’s when a batter is batting next to the catcher at home plate, or when there’s a tag play at a base where a runner is sliding, again…it will simply be unavoidable. But those will be the exceptions to our social distancing guidelines.

Will masks be furnished for players or spectators?

No. However, when our concession stand is open during games, we will be selling masks for $2 each. (Credit or debit cards only; no cash.)

Will you take each person’s temperature as they enter the DPLL complex?

No. We considered taking this cautionary measure, however, we simply do not have the volunteers to ensure that each person’s temperature is taken prior to entering our fields. It will be the responsibility of each family to make sure their child is not sick, has not been sick, or is completely symptom-free. Each family will need to agree to these terms when signing their participation waiver.

How will being at the ballpark be different in post-COVID environment?

Strict social distancing guidelines will be maintained at every possible interaction between players, coaches, volunteers and parents.

All participants will be asked to:

  • wash their hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer prior to coming to the fields
  • avoid touching their eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands;
  • cover their mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing; or do it into their elbow
  • avoid handshakes or fist bumping; utilize a “tip of the cap”
  • stay home when you are sick

    Batting cages will not be utilized and will remain off limits.

For now, entire teams will not utilize dugouts during games. Players will sit in specific areas marked on the bleachers. Only ‘on deck’ and ‘in the hole’ batters will be permitted in the dugout.

For A and AA division games and practices, parents may put lawn chairs or blankets in the outfied to watch their children play. For AAA, Majors and Juniors divisions, spectators may watch from behind the bleachers, or in their own chairs along the fences.

Will the concession stand be open during this time?

During the first three weeks of practice-only baseball and softball, our concession stand will not be open. However, during the last two weeks when games are played, the concession stand will be open on a limited basis. We will serve bottled or canned drinks and packaged food only. Only credit or debit cards will be accepted (no cash).

If we do not wish to play Summer Session, will there be discounted fees this Fall?

Yes. Our board of directors is finalizing plans for what our fall season will look like. And among the topics of discussion is our fee schedule. Later this summer, we will communicate our finalized plans for our fall season.


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